Tuesday, December 04, 2007

GamersCast for the Holidays!

Hey everyone! This is Matt from GamersCast with a few HUGE announcements!!

It's the holiday season again and so you can get your holiday shopping done in time with the best stuff we're going to be dishing out loads of reviews, like last year, there will be a review almost every day until the new year (there may be a time we have to double up reviews for certain reasons)! But if you think all that's happening is reviews, you are sadly mistaken.

We are also very happy to announce that our first LIVE episode of GamersCast will be streaming over the internet soon! After asking everyone what they thought about having a live show, it seemed like everyone was all for it, so it WILL be happening. We don't have an exact date yet, but we do think it will be somewhere between the 27th and 30th of December. We planted it in the midst of Winter Break so that school wouldn't be too much of an issue. But I guess you all want to know what you're tuning in for before you decide to show up, right? So, here's what's happening on GamersCast # 26!

- We start as usual replying to listener's e-mails, but this time you can send us feedback as you listen live, and get almost instant responses!!
- We hold our annual Game of the Year Awards!
- We count down our favorite games of all-time! (and you can submit your favorites too while you listen!)
- We discuss the new Wii Firmware Updates and Channels
- We discuss the new Xbox 360 Updates
- We discuss the new PS3 and PSP Firmware Updates
- We get ready for the start of 2008!
And discuss how it's looking compared to '07 in gaming
- I introduce new features to the podcast!

And if you thought that wasn't enough, well, you're wrong again!
I am now going to be starting a new feature for the podcast that's actually been in the works for a few years now....
Have any of you ever done something so amazing in a video game, that you just want to share it and brag about it to everyone?
Well, say hello to the GamersCast: Hall of Fame! It's a tribute to some of the finest moments in gaming! I'll unveil more details once we get closer to the launch of this feature.

Want more?

Well, as many of you know, the website has been a train wreck. Even after I pay people to make it, things go horribly wrong! And so now, I'm going to be making it myself again, and though the design is simpler than originally intended, the point is it will finally be up, along with some more new features at the same time! Of course, I don't want to spoil it all, so you'll just have to wait and see!

And lastly (for now), I have been running another podcast for a while now called, "The Best [Damn] Internet Videos". Why is "damn" is brackets? Well, because Apple forced me to take it out of the title! XD! But anyway, for those of you who do know about it, may have noticed months of gaps in new videos being posted. Well, for this holiday season you'll be treated to some of the most amazing videos on the internet I've seen over the course of the next few days, so be sure to stay with us for that!
And I myself, am working on a few short films which will be posted onto the podcast upon their completion.

The Best Internet Videos can be seen on the iTunes Music Store, and just like GamersCast, it is entirely free! Here's the link:


And if all of that isn't overwhelming enough, there's even more on the way, but I'm not gonna reveal everything right now. That would spoil the fun! :P

Happy Holidays!
From your friends at GamersCast!