Friday, December 07, 2007

Guitar Hero III Upgrade for Wii

Remember how I shaved a point off from the Wii version of our Guitar Hero III Review? Well, you will soon be able to add that point back! After being bombarded with complaints, Activision is working on a fix to some of the bugs in the Wii version of the game. Most noteably is the issue of mono-only sound output. This fix will not only allow stereo output, but also surround sound in Dolby Pro Logic II. Here is what Activision had to say:

"We recently became aware that some consumers have not been able to enjoy the full audio output in the Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. We are currently working with Nintendo and are planning to issue an improved audio experience in future versions of the game. We expect to have re-mastered discs available by early 2008 and we will be offering consumers replacement discs at no cost once they become available. We thank all of our customers for their support and patience."

Though the audio is being repaired some rumors are spreading about the remastered version allowing downloadable content as the quote says they are "working with Nintendo". After all, since Nintendo neither published nor developed the game at all, why would Activision need to work with them unless something was being added. Of course, this is also what they said when they were originally intending to put downloadable content into the game. Never give up hope, but don't get them up too high.

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