Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sony speaks out about PS3 complaints

Sony recently said in a statement saying they feel PS3 will turn around, as they had similar complaints in the past with the original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. They said such things like, their upcoming game release titles would make the $600 price tag all worth it, and they heard people being skeptical when they introduced DVD in the PS2 also. But what's interesting is that they ended on this note, "past success is no guarentee of future success", and I couldn't agree more.

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Matthew said...

Sure... They had similar complaints in the past.... but did they ever have so many!? Notice, they did not mention any specifics on what they were referring to as complaints, aside from the $600 price tag. How do we know they are referring the complaints we think they are. And DVD was not nearly as glitchy or expensive as Blu-Ray as shown itself to be. Sure, DVD did have success, but remember that other format Sony tried to promote with a system? UMD... now look where that went! Yeah, I know Blu-Ray is proving to nowhere near Blu-Ray, but like Tretton said, "past success is no guarantee of future success" And if you ask the me, the Wii has already entertained others like no other games have. I mean, look at all the promotion that everyone is giving it! Who would have thought it would have been so wide-spread and popular so quick, and randomly show up at Six Flags. Sony needs to do something new, something quick, and something that won't cost us any money. I mean, if we gotta pay $5 for a hat on the Home service which is free, but need a $600 system to get, because Sony shut-down Lik-Sang, stopping us from getting the cheaper foreign ones, that would have helped PS3 sales..... And..... *breath*.... Obviously, you get my point and see where I'm going with this. Sony, I'm sorry, but leave and focus on the other appliances your good at... please.