Thursday, June 14, 2007

Over 10 Million GTS Pokemon Trades!

Wow! Over 10 million pokemon have been traded between the US and Japan since the game finally was released in the United States. And over 5 million copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have already been sold in the US alone, as of July 12, 2007. Now, this statistic was released in Japan, and it was only talking about trades between Japan and the United States, which means all trades between just US trainers and LAN trades were not included in the stat. Also, the stat excludes all trades done via the pokemon center, making it even more impressive. The stat was only referring to the Global Trading Station (GTS) in the game. Personally, I very much think that we need an upgrade in its interface to support the uprising number of users. Perhaps, if more than 7 results came up per search, that would help. And if it only showed trades requesting pokemon that you actually have, that would be nice too. So, yeah, GTS does have some issues with the interface, but as you all can see, this just shows how much the poke'fever has grown.

Of course, the game has been out since September in Japan, but it's still a very impressive stat, considering it's only one game we're talking about, and hasn't even been launched in Europe and Australia yet. However, the game will launch at both of those locations within the next two weeks, which will definitely show a dramatic spike in the stats. Not to mention depending upon the features availible in Pokemon Battle Revolution, may also raise the stats, from the game's online support and DS Connectivity.

Also, keep in mind that on episode 21 of GamersCast we have a detailed discussion about pokemon's popularity. Episode 21 will be released VERY shortly.

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