Thursday, November 16, 2006

GamersCast at Global Wii Launch!!

That's right everyone, it's official! GamersCast WILL be attending the Worldwide Wii Launch in New York, this Saturday night! Unfortunately, I'll be getting to there two hours late (10PM), but it's better to be late than never! It's also unfortunate that I am going to have to leave before the official launch, as all the Wii consoles at the global launch are going out to pre-orders, and I want to make sure I can quickly get my game reviews out to you guys! So, I'm leaving early for the benefit of the show!

But don't feel bad, because Mr. Reggie-Anime-Fils, President of Nintendo will be present at the event, showing off the Wii for the last moment that it could be considered a "preview".

It's gonna be a party in NY this weekend! So don't miss out! Keep checking the feed for the video of the world-wide Nintendo Wii Launch Party, and more!

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