Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Launch that comes once in a limetime!

As we all know the Nintendo Wii will be launching across the USA on November 19th, but now the one and only thing to make this the coolest launch of all-time has just happened.

As we wait outside of stores an hour before the Wii Launch, a truly amazing thing will happen! Everyone across the USA will be able to look up into the sky and see a steady stream of meteors soaring across the sky in a meteor shower, going at a rate of 10 meteors and hour. BUT THEN! 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE LAUNCH, the shower will burst and go at a rate of 150 meteors an hour soaring across the sky! And it will keep up for an hour after launch! This will be an undoubtedly amazing launch... perhaps it is a sign.... perhaps not. But be sure to check out spectacle before you begin your non-stop play of the Wii, for this is an event that only happens once every 33 years! And for it to happen perfectly timed with launch, with millions of people outside anticipating the launch of a system, is a sight you will never see happen again!

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Anonymous said... this'll be the greatest day ever.