Friday, October 20, 2006

Inside the PS3....

Well, at last we know everything that's in the box of the $600 PS3! So, now you guys know what will and what won't be in the box, so you don't have to pay $600 and be surprised.

  • AC Cable (The Power Cord)
  • 1 Controller (20 meter wireless range, 30 hours of battery life)
  • USB mini-cable (for wired accessories)
  • Ethernet Cable (for wired online play)
  • Multi-AV Cable with composite with composite connectors
  • A handle to hold the enormous box!

This... is the expensive 60GB HDD PS3. But just so they can get more people to come out and pick one up at launch they also offered a few extra little things that only last a limited time. Unlike the Wii's Free Opera Browser promotion, that has a free browser between launch and June 2007, the PS3's browser is already pre-installed (but you know the few is hidden in the $600 price tag somewhere). Anyway, here's what comes with your PS3, for a limited time....

A Blu-Ray disc of the movie: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

That is all....

Keep in mind, that is only going to the 1st 500,000 PS3s that are shipped.

As for the price of controllers and all that fun stuff, here you go (brace yourself...):

Memory Card: $15

Blu-Ray Remote: $25

Controller: $50

Games: $60

Only having enough money for Wii: Priceless

Sorry, guys I just had to through that in there! :D

And one more thing, the Blu-Ray Remote won't be availible until sometime in December.

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