Friday, October 20, 2006

Sony's Gamers Day 2006

Sony held their Gamers Day Event the other day, which is generally just their own little press event.... At the time of the event, it was exactly 29 days until the PS3 launch. Here are some of the highlights from the event:

  • 6 Million PS3s expected to be shipped by March 2007 (most likely to compete with the abundance of Wiis)
  • This year's shippments of PSPs dropped 3 million units, but don't worry, if you don't have a PSP, there's still plenty around, I mean 9 million is still a lot....
  • 21 PS3 titles at launch
  • Because you guys won't stop wining about the price, they included more goodies with the PS3 (see below post)
  • Transfer files between PSP and PS3 wirelessly
  • PSone game can be bought in the PlayStation Store and can be transferred wirelessly to your PSP for play
  • External USB keyboard can be used to navigate through the PS3 interface
  • PS3 can rip CDs, and send them to your PSP
  • After desperately trying to avoid the question of the EyeToy, Sony's responses indicate their may not be an EyeToy on the PS3!

So, there you go guys! AT LONG LAST, there's something good to say about Sony (although 3 negatives were in the list). To me, it looks like their using PS3 as a selling point for their PSP, and then they lower their shippments during all these announcements!! Sorry to say it, but Sony needs some more common sense...

(The post below contains the information about what comes with the PS3)

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