Tuesday, October 17, 2006

LiveMove assists in Wii Development

Alright. The very first Wii games that were put into development used coding to simulate movements in games, which took much longer than it really should, and with no guarenteed chance of success. Though, very few issues have been seen with the Wiimote, we all know that there have been some, especially in that Wii Sports Tennis demo we've seen at both GC and E3 2006. Well, now there's a a solution! Nintendo had partnered up with Ailive to bring you... LiveMove!

What is LiveMove you ask? It is a program that does the coding for the motion controls for you! Rather than going for months coding a single move, developers just open up LiveMove, pick up the WiiMote, move it how they want, and they're done! It breaks down your motion perefectly into Wii Coding, and let's you get truely advanced into the form of each move. So, developers will have more time to put in some extra stuff into our Wii Games!

If you wanna know more about LiveMove, you can check out the official page at:


Or see a detailed PDF at:


Or if you don't want to leave this page altogether, I embed their video for you right here:

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