Monday, April 25, 2011

Nintendo Confirms Project Cafe

So, I've been avoiding the majority of the project cafe things that have been flying all over the internet, mainly because I didn't trust it. No one cited any truly substantial evidence that it is actually happening, so, not wanting to lead you astray, I decided not post about the potential new console.

Well, today some nice people who crawl the web for a living, found this PDF file lying around on the Nintendo of Japan website. The URL says it all, it's official. You can see this document here:

The new console supposedly has a GPU that can outperform the PlayStation 3, and a triple-core PowerPC processor, similar to the Xbox 360 that will outperform Microsoft's current console as well. Most evidence points to the device costing around $300 and that it will launch either early next year or this November.

Until official confirmation comes, we will be referring to this new console as Project Cafe.

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