Monday, January 31, 2011

Written Review: Lilt Line

Not Light Bikes, but Lilt Line! A new Dubstep music/ rhythm game steps onto WiiWare, but does it bring the bass to break sound barriers? Available in demo (free) form and for purchase for $5.00 on WiiWare it’s dub defying!

In Lilt Line you hold the WiiMote Controller on its side and tilt forward and back to control a line on screen through various dubious dubstep courses. Since Dubstep may be a foreign concept for some people, I highly recommend checking the video below to get an idea. But in words, I’d say it’s the powerful bass from dub mixed with the electrifying electro sounds of mechanized mesmerization. In addition to twisting and turning through the 2 Dimensional colorful courses, you also need to tap any button on the controller to the beat of the song. Sounds simple enough, but when you mix that with mad mind bending music and visuals that shocks the cerebral cortex, it becomes quite an experience.

Visually Lilt Line is a very unique and distinguished game. Instead of utilizing high res graphics, it takes the more modest route with pure color and background visuals reminiscent of my Windows 98 screen saver. By simply changing line color, course hue, and background visual explosions it creates crazy eye candy. This in unison with the music really pulls the player into a visceral experience. You will greatly feel the depth of every track without stumbling over controls what so ever. Controls are very simple and even offer versatility in choosing which button you would like to bash for the booming beats. I was impressed at how accurate the accelerometers in the WiiMote could be even without a Wii Motion Plus accessory. Although levels turn tricky, I can never blame failing a course on the controller.

With that said it may not appeal to everyone. This game hosts an exclusively dubstep soundtrack by the artist 16 Bit, so if that’s not your cup of tea, too bad. However if you’ve never heard dubstep and are curious, Lilt Line is a great place to start. One thing I found feasibly annoying though was the lack of difficulty setting or open choice in songs. From the onset you can see all fifteen tracks, but you can only play the ones you’ve unlocked. For less patient gamers all I can say is, patience young grasshopper, repetition is worth your while to see every jaw dropping mind boggling track.

All in all Lilt Line is an excellent experience for a wonderful price. My biggest complaint was that it was over too soon, but hopefully the future will yield more bass. The music becomes quickly infectious and the simple visuals are stunning none the less. I give Lilt Line an 8.0/ 10

(Written By DeoGenZ)

Final Score 8.0

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