Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pokemon Black and White: Crossing Dimensions

With Pokemon Black and White set to come out in America March 6th and in Europe March 4th, many people wonder how it will clash with the predicted release date of the 3Ds. As always the big N has a plan, and in this article I discuss what their methodology may be.

Pokemon has historically been a huge force for Nintendo handhelds. Not only has it brought more sales, but it has advanced the technology considerably. From the link cable, to gba wireless adapter, and even having IR within the cartridge; Pokemon has always pushed the boundaries in portable experiences. Black and White is no exception pushing the 3d engine to the max and expanding connectivity worldwide.

We’ve come to an interesting cross road in Nintendo history and once more Pokemon premiers on the forefront giving us a taste of what’s to come. The Nintendo Ds while being capable of 3D graphics, doesn’t meet the standard of something like the Sony Psp. That being said in Black and White they’ve done an excellent job milking the system’s last power for all it’s worth! Although we still have the traditional top down view, structures, bridges, and natural environments have been greatly dimensionally enhanced. Much like the Ds had a Gba slot at the start of its release, the 3Ds has backwards compatibility with its predecessor. I feel Nintendo’s slogan for this game will be “if you think that bridge looks good now, you should check it out on the 3Ds!” Logically this would be a very smart strategy to rest upon.

But just like a cheesy infomercial advertisement, “wait there’s more!” Last year an IR sensor was put into the cartridges of all Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver games to connect with the PokeWalker. This time around IR makes a comeback, but instead of connecting to a pedometer, you’ll be connecting with other live PokePlayers. Similar to Nintendogs and Metroid Prime Hunters; Black and White features a tag mode that works through both IR and with built in Wireless. Just like the pushing for 3D on a dying platform, connectivity also seems maxed out with the same slogan, “If you think that’s connectivity, you should try 3Ds!”

With a host of other features that I will save for a proper review when the games are released for America on March 6th, I have no doubt in my mind this game will do exceptionally well despite debuting around the launch of the 3Ds. Truthfully this game will be the gateway for many who aren’t quite convinced on 3D without glasses (I’ve yet to meet anyone resistant to that idea though). I feel the real question should be not will this game sell and do well for Nintendo in terms of the 3Ds, but what will become of the third iteration? However I will save that for another article when more news about the inevitable iteration of Pokemon Grey comes out. For now I’m DeoGenZ, and I hope to travel dimensions with you all in the future=D

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