Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are advances in gaming technology bringing the end of the world?

As I am sure most of you are aware, the advances in gaming technology in this generation alone have been astounding. When Nintendo came out with the Wii, gamers were astonished such a feat was possible. I apologize, EVERYONE thought it was a massive advance in technology period. Since then Sony and Microsoft have had their own shot at shocking the world.
The Playstation Move is a Wii-like remote that has a glowing tip. It uses similar technology to the Wii remote, however, the infrared detector below the tv for the Wii is replaced by a tiny camera that detects where the light is. This technology is generally the same, however different in execution.
Microsoft's Kinect however is much more of a jump from the motion controls of the Wii. It uses a "natural user interface" and is controlled by body gestures and giving it commands. Basically, in general terms, its a magical device that does what it does because Microsoft has captured Merlin and they are using his powers for the good of their company. What it actually means is that the user learns to use the device at a steady pace so that it almost seems like a natural process, like walking, or actually holding a controller.
Now, you may be asking, how can these advances in technology bring the end of the world? As we know, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have to constantly bring newer and better technologies into the game to keep their product fresh and wanted by the population. Clearly each company will try and out-tech each of the others. What does that mean for us? Virtual worlds controlled by a suit? Artificial Intelligence? Telekinetic fights between opponents through the internet? Eventually.
How will this bring the end of the world? The rise of the machines. Clearly, with the advances in technology this is inevitable, but until then who knows what we may be in store for. They say the stars themselves must change to bring the end of the world, and today they have. They have. Today, astrological signs have been changed, and a 13th has been revealed, Ophiuchus. So today I have this message for you. Enjoy the amazing technology that is available to you. Play all the games you can! Tomorrow, they may be playing with YOU!

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