Monday, October 18, 2010

Kinect Launch Plans Completely Revealed

Microsoft has let out all of the details of the Kinect launch and their campaign strategy. As you probably already know, the Kinect sensor will launch on Thursday November 4. If you already have an Xbox 360, the standalone Kinect sensor will cost $149.99 and come bundled with a copy of Kinect Adventures. If you do not own an Xbox 360, the Kinect sensor and a copy of Kinect Adventures will come bundled with Xbox 360 consoles. The 4GB console bundle will cost $299 while the 250GB console bundle will cost $399. Today, Microsoft revealed all of the titles that will be available in Kinect's launch window. Here is a list of the titles in the order they will be releasing:

* Kinect Adventures (included with hardware): November 4
* Kinectimals: November 4
* Kinect Joy Ride: November 4
* Adrenalin Misfits: November 4
* Fighters Uncaged: November 4
* Sonic Free Riders: November 4
* Kinect Sports: November 4
* MotionSports: November 4
* Your Shape: Fitness Evolved: November 4
* Dance Central: November 4
* The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout: November 4
* DanceMasters: November 4
* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1: November 16
* EA Sports Active 2: November 16
* Game Party: In Motion: November 18
* Zumba Fitness: November 18
* Deca Sports Freedom: Holiday 2010

All together there are 17 titles, that's only one less than the Xbox 360's launch. All of the titles will cost less than the standard $59.99 price point with most games costing only $49.99 with Game Party: In Motion costing even less at $39.99. The only game that seems expensive is EA Sports Active 2 at $99.95 but this is because it comes with extra equipment. In addition, Microsoft will have an advertising campaign worth half a billion dollars. Expect to see Kinect make appearances on many different television shows over the next few weeks such as Oprah, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, and more. There will be about 7000 midnight launches as well. According to retailers, they are selling out of pre orders. This means if you have not already pre ordered Kinect, you might have a lot of trouble getting one on launch day.

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