Monday, September 13, 2010

Heavy Rain: Move Edition Arriving Next Week

With the release of Sony's revolutionary motion controller, the PlayStation Move on Friday, many have been wondering when a patch adding Move controls for the innovative hit Heavy Rain would arrive. Originally, the date was said to be in October but Sony announced today that that date will be next week. On Wednesday September 22, the Move patch for Heavy Rain will arrive. It features the entire game with PlayStation Move controls to become a more immersive experience. Just boot up Heavy Rain on that day to download a title update that is absolutely free. In order to play Heavy Rain with PlayStation Move, you will need not only one Move controller and PlayStation Eye camera but you will also need a Navigation controller. But what if you don't own Heavy Rain and want to try out the all new Move controls? That is possible. On Tuesday, September 28, a demo for Heavy Rain with Move controls will be available from the PlayStation Store for free.

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