Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dreamcast Games Get New Life on Consoles

It has been eleven years since the launch of Sega Dreamcast in the United States. This brilliant system had a young life but during that life, it brought many classic titles that are still talked about to this day. Sega will finally be re-releasing some amazing Dreamcast games for digital distribution via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The first two games to receive this treatment are Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi

Sonic Adventure, which is available now received new high resolution graphics, surround sound, online leaderboards, and achievements and trophies as well as avatar rewards and Home rewards. Sonic Adventure costs $10 and also has the Director's Cut (originally available on Nintendo GameCube) available as downloadable content for only five more dollars. This upgrade gives the game new missions and the ability to play as Metal Sonic.

Crazy Taxi will also receive the same new features and will most likely cost $10. Crazy Taxi will release sometime this Fall.

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