Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kinect Price Revealed: Is It Worth It?

So today the price was revealed for Microsoft's add-on sensor for Xbox 360 known as Kinect. If you have not seen the news already, The standalone Kinect sensor will cost $149.99 and will come with a free copy of Kinect Adventures. Additionally, Microsoft's other first party launch titles which consists of Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and Kinect Joy Ride will all cost only $49.99. Dance Central, a third party title from Harmonix will also cost only $49.99. Prices will vary with the other ten launch titles.

Overall, I think this is a great value for existing Xbox 360 customers. I had a hunch that Kinect would come with a free game. It absolutely needed to. There is no way someone is gonna spend that much money on the accessory and have nothing to do with it except operate the Xbox 360 dashboard and download and play some demos of other Kinect games if there are any at the time of launch. I think the title they chose to be the bundle was also the perfect choice and I am not just saying this because I planned to buy it in the first place. Kinect Adventures will have about 20 unique minigames inside. I always thought of the title as a sort of a showcase for what Kinect can do. I was also thinking they would bundle Kinect Sports instead but in the end, Kinect Sports would sell much better than Kinect Adventures on store shelves. People are more familiar with sports and want to play games like bowling or track and firld on Kinect. I also give credit to Microsoft for pricing its games at $49.99. This puts them into a very competitive field but even still Sony has got the cheapest games for its motion controller at $39.99 each.

There is also a Kinect Xbox 360 bundle which comes with an Xbox 360 (new model), 4GB of flash memory, and the Kinect sensor with Kinect Adventures all for $299.99. This is also not bad at all. We will see how Kinect does when it launches on store shelves on November 4. I think based on these prices, it will have a successful launch and will be hard to find so buy one quickly.

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