Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wii Sports Resort & MotionPlus Dated

One of the only substantial announcements from last year's Nintendo E3 Press Conference was the announcement of Wii MotionPlus being bundled with Wii Sports Resort, the direct sequel to the original Wii Sports game that was bundled with your Wii console.

Well, Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus were both dated for a US release of July 26, 2009. Wii Sports Resort will sell for the usual $50, and comes with only one MotionPlus unit. Additional MotionPlus units will sell for $20 a piece, and will also begin to be bundles with Wii Remotes as of the date of release. However, there is no word on whether or not the price of Wii Remotes will go up with the inclusion of MotionPlus.

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