Wednesday, April 01, 2009

GamersCast in 3D!!

UPDATE (4/1/2009) 11:59PM - April Fools! As it turns out we actually fooled quite a large number of people. Thanks to everyone for being such a good sport. ^_^


Using stereoscopy technology powered by CADIE (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity), you can now view GamersCast's network of websites in three dimensions! That's right folks GamersCast has gone 3D! How is this possible you ask?

GamersCast 3D requires uses very simply already available technology as means to convert your usual web browsing experience into three dimensions. So, anyone running Widnows XP, Windows Vista, or the Windows 7 BETA is able to experience 3D GamersCast FREE of charge! However, as Google Chrome is the only current web browser that supports CADIE's stereoscopy technology, it also required that you install the latest version of Google Chrome, from here:

The technology used to make GamersCast 3D is similar to the tech. we covered during CES and on GamersCast #32 (I swear, it'll be out this weekend!). Some displays will allow for 3D viewing without the need for any sort of optical aid, but for the time being special "3D glasses" are required to emulate the experience.

So, go ahead and prepare to see GamersCast, like never before! And here's a sneak preview of what you'll get, when you upgrade to the 3D GamersCast experience!

CLICK HERE to view 3D preview screen shot 1

CLICK HERE to view 3D preview screen shot 2

Please note, that we are currently working with Google and CADIE to deliver a 3D experience with our online YouTube videos as well, though support is not yet available at the time being, look forward to it in the near future!

Enjoy GamersCast in 3D!

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