Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Pitt Pulled

UPDATE: The Pitt has been fixed and is now available to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. If you downloaded the corrupted file by mistake, you should delete it and redownload the expansion. You will not be charged to redownload. Also, keep in mind that PC users are uneffected by the issues that occured.


Fallout 3 has been known for it's plethora of glitches and is one of the few things that hold it back from perfection. But now, Fallout has again been plagued by glitches, but this time in the form of it's downloadable content.

Today The Pitt released on the PC and the Xbox Live Marketplace, but was then removed a few hours later due to a corrupted download file. Because of this Bethesda pulled the expansion from XBLM, and is in the process of being repaired. Bethesda says they trying to get the Pitt back online as soon as possible.

The Pitt will be available soon for 800 Microsoft Points.

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