Friday, March 20, 2009

Gaming On iPhone Will Change With iPhone 3.0 Software

Earlier this week, Apple showed off the new iPhone 3.0 SDK and software update. Developers are getting a new updated SDK with over 1000 new APIs or tools that the developers can use. Many of them have to do with games. Some of these APIs include

In App Commerce: The ability for developers to charge for extra content on the apps themselves. Examples of this include buying levels for games or e-books for an e-book reader. These purchases are linked to your iTunes account and are limited to paid apps only ("free apps remain free").

Peer to Peer: The ability to link iPhones locally via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This can be used for multiplayer in games as well as trading information in other non game apps.

Application specific acessories: Applications can now have accessories that connect via the dock and Bluetooth that interact with apps.

Push Notifications: The ability for an app to send you an alert even if the app is quited out. The feature which was delayed because of scaling issues is back and will be on iPhone 3.0. This is best used for instant messaging apps.

Other features such as in app emails, iPod music accessible in apps, integration of Google Maps, and so much more. Many apps were demonstrated with two weeks of work done with the SDK.

Meebo showed off an IM client with push notifications

EA showed off an early version of The Sims 3 with in app commerce to buy new items like a stereo that plays your iPod music. The game also had beautiful 3D graphics.

ESPN showed an alert client which gives you sports news via push notifications and streams video well.

Johnson Johnson showed off a diabetes app which used a blood sugar reader that connects to the dock and the iPhone app keeps track of your daily blood sugar intake. This was a very in depth app and yes a guy actually pricked his finger on the stage.

ngmoco, the creators of Rolando showed two apps that were done in only two weeks. The first was a game called Touch Pets which is a pet simulator similar to Nintendogs. Push notifications and peer to peer connectivity are used to make puppies have playdates and in app commerce lets you buy new items for the dogs.

The second game was an online FPS called LiveFire. It will feature online multiplayer via Wi-Fi or 3G and will take advantage of push notifications to call friends for help and in app commerce to buy new weapons. This was by far the most impressive app shown.

Many other features for the costumer were also announced such as copy, cut and paste, Landscape and search within all key apps, Spotlight on homepage, Youtube accounts, subscriptions and ratings within Youtube app, shake to shuffle, and MMS as well as compatibility with Bluetooth headphones which are iPhone 3G exclusive due to hardware changes.

iPhone 3.0 will launch this Summer for iPhone 3G and the first gen iPhone (minus MMS and bluetooth headphones). The update will also come to the iPod Touch for $10. Developers have the new SDK and are working on bringing new apps. More news to come.

To watch the presentation go to the following link

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