Monday, April 21, 2008

Wii Fit Priced

Well, I don't think many people expected to hear Reggie Films-Aime say "under $100" in regard to Wii Fit's price at GDC. And now after a few months, we know exactly what he meant.

Wii Fit has been officially priced at $89.99 because of the inclusion of the Wii Balance Board. As shocked as I was when I first heard about this, after putting much thought into, I have realized that, it actually isn't too bad of a price.

Think of it like this:
The Wii Remote is priced at $40. Inside is uses IR, Bluetooth, Accelerometers, and a Rumble Feature. The Wii Balance Board uses all of these technologies, aside from rumble and IR (which cost next to nothing anyway).
But the Balance Board also uses another technology to determine weight displacement and a scale (I don't know what the technology is yet, since the Board has not yet been released), and these appear to quite expensive, considering how hard it was for Nintendo to develop (based on demos I've seen). So, even though the Wii Remote and the Balance Board are priced the same, the Board probably cost a bit more to manufacture. So, we're actually a bit lucky for the game to be priced as low as it is now. Not to mention, the Balance Board will be used for other games in the future. So, from that perspective it probably is worth the price.

I hope I didn't confuse too many of you.

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