Monday, April 21, 2008

Gamecube Controller Re-Born!

It is no secret that nearly everyone who owns Super Smash Brothers Brawl prefers the Gamecube controller. In fact, the demand for the dead controllers is so outrageously high, that Nintendo is going to be manufacturing them again! That's right a controller has been brought back from the dead thanks to Super Smash Brothers!

However, to match the Wii, along of these new Gamecube controllers will come in one color: White. The new controller takes the design of the wired controllers, but is completely wireless and has a rumble feature, unlike the Wavebird controllers. These controllers will be priced at $20 (the original price of the wired Gamecube Controllers) and are now becoming available in Japan. However, there's no word yet on when we'll see them come out on our side of the world.

You know, it probably wasn't just Smash Brothers that made them do this, consdering how many upcoming Wii games are also using the Gamecube controller, like Mario Kart Wii. I think it was just Brawl that gave them the push to do it.

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