Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New GamersCaster! Zach!

Hey everyone!
Many of you, have noticed that I have not been able to post news articles very often. Well, as you may know, I have been increasingly busy lately.

However, one person who has been helping out, a lot, on the GamersCast Brawl Custom Stage Collection has volunteered to help out with the news feed as well, so that when I'm too busy to post, he will be able to.

You may know him on the Brawl stage collection as Spades, where he has put in a lot of time recreating featured stages, but here let's give a big welcome to Zach Joyner! Zach may also be co-hosting on future episodes of GamersCast (not episode 27, as we already recorded that a few weeks ago).

Zach will begin posting articles starting next week.

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