Monday, January 14, 2008

Macworld Is Approaching- "There Must Be Something in the Air"

Macworld is a HUGE event where Apple shows off and even releases updates to products as well as new products. Last year, the iPhone was unveiled and showed off for the first time to the press. This year there will be much more news. Here are my predictions of what will go on tomorrow. Remember, these are predictions NOT FACTS. The real news will be posted here tomorrow.
iPod-Since the iPod line was recently updated, there will just be sales numbers and a new iPod commercial.
iPhone-Huge news for iPhone. Jobs will definitely talk about the iPhone SDK and software updates coming soon to iPhone owners and maybe although I doubt it, a new iPhone with bigger memory and 3G
Apple TV-Eiether a software update or a new Apple TV or no Apple TV news at all
Mac: No iMac updates but the Macbook line will get its long awaited hardware updates including an extremely thin and portable Macbook. There might also be an update to iTunes to allow movie rentals on iPods and iPhones

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