Monday, January 14, 2008

GamersCast Gaming Update!

Hey everyone! I very excited to announce a brand new segment to the podcast! It's the GamersCast Gaming Update! This is a new segment for all those weeks we can't schedule a full podcast episode! In the GamersCast Gaming Update, I'll quickly run through the past week's worth of gaming news (with some analysis) in about 5 minutes. But since this was the 1st edition, this week is 10 minutes long. And for the weeks we do have a normal GamersCast episode, the GamersCast Gaming Update will be inserted in the beginning of the episode. For example, next week's update will be played in the beginning of episode 26. So, yes, episode 26 will be released this weekend. I hope you guys like the change.

These updates will also be available on the podcast feed and the iTunes Music Store (for free as always).

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Anonymous said...

nice idea!
LOL @ Pikmin!