Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wii-Friendly News Feed

With GamersCast, our ideal is to get as much information out to our users, in as many places and times as possible. So, earlier this week we made iPod Touch and iPhone friendly pages. Now, it's time to fix up what's gone wrong on the Wii!

You may or may not have noticed that previously, an error message would pop-up when you tried to listen to the podcast via the flash player on the Wii. This problem has now been fixed and all audio content from GamersCast is now playable again on the Wii (the latest Wii firmware is required for the best results).

And now that bug has been fixed, here's another one we took care of! Some of you may notice that on the news page, when it's viewed on the Wii, a scroll bar appears on the right. Yes, in fact, that is our fault. The reason that is there is because the news page is a framed page. What that means is, it's a page within a page, sorta. See, the unframed version is at: and you'll notice that if you just clicked that link on your Wii, there are no scroll bars there. So, why did I put the scroll bars there? Well, that is for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is so that I would have more control over the content on the page, the version is quite restricted in a way. Having it framed off of the main site gives me some more control. Yes, nothing special has appeared on the framed page yet, but in fact I have been developing stuff and going through lots of ideas for some time now. So, once it is done, the page will be much easier to navigate. So, by all means, you could go ahead and use the unframed version if you prefer it.

What I did add however is a newer version of the news feed that is more friendly with the Wii. It's a bit more trimmed down, but all of the same content is there, with links to the version on the original page. If you want to try that out instead you can head to:
on your Wii's browser. That page is an RSS/Atom feed and now that the Wii fully supports RSS, it can be viewed very easily. If you're looking on your computer at it, you can subscribe to the feed using an RSS client. If you see raw code when you click it, well, then you'd probably need to upgrade your internet browser. :P

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