Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wii Fit Delayed/Early

UPDATE: I was just informed by one of our newsletter subscribers (who goes by the name "MuffinMedic") that 8,800 yen translates into $75 US Dollars. Which means, Japanese consumers are having to pay an extra $25 for the inclusion of the Wii Balance Board into Wii Fit. However, there is still no word on what the official MSRP price will be in the United States.


It should also be noted that Reggie Fils-Aime once said previously that he could "not imagine anyone paying more than $50" for a video game, in response to being asked about next-gen prices. So, the increase in price may only be exclusive to Japan, but like I said, nothing has been confirmed in the US yet.

Well, we just posted about how the US is getting Super Smash Brothers Brawl on December 3rd, while Japan has to wait 'till January 24. Well, this post is the complete opposite. Now, Wii Fit is coming later for the US and earlier for Japan. Personally, I'm just a bit more glad we get Brawl first.

Wii Fit is currently estimated for a January 2008 release in the United States, while Japan now gets the game on December 1, 2007. But what is interesting is that the game costs a bit more than your typical Nintendo game, which is no doubt due to the inclusion of the Wii Balance Board. However, I can't say by exactly how much more expensive it is, as a US price has not been determined yet, and I don't know how to convert yen into US dollars. Those of you who do know, will be interested to know that the game costs 8,800 yen in Japan.

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