Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nintendo Rumors

To very new rumors have surfaced on the internet both coming from the latest issue of Edge magizine. One of which being a rumor about the Nintendo DS and the other about Animal Crossing for the Wii.

First, Animal Crossing for Wii. The magizine is reporting that Animal Crossing may be an MMORPG, acting as a 24-7 online community. This does make sense as everything we've heard about the game supports this so far. And the Wii does make it possible using their WiiConnect24 service so it is entirely plausible. And should the rumors be true, it will be interesting how it fares up to other MMOs as this is Nintendo's first. More details on that as they come in.

And then, the magizine made another crazy prediction, this one I am a bit less inclined to believe. But I've learned that pretty much any rumor can be true, no matter how crazy (I've learned that after Bungie actually did split from Microsoft!). So, this rumor says that using the Wii, players will be able to download GameBoy Advance games from the Wii Shop Channel. And in addition to this, all downloaded games may be transferred to blank GameBoy Advance cartridges that Nintendo will be releasing alongside that launch of the new system appearing on the Virtual Console. However, there is no word on whether multiple games could be stores on one cartridge or if other systems will be able to have their games transferred either. And obviously, if the time comes when you can transfer games from other platforms to a GameBoy Advance cartridge it couldn't be from any system higher than a 32-bit graphical appearance.

However, though the Animal Crossing rumor seems very likely to me, the Nintendo DS Virtual Console seems doubtful. Why? Well, if you were able to transfer games to blank GameBoy cartridges, then there would be the issue of people copying games multiple times to many different cartridges. The only way I could see it being possible is if the games that are copied must be directly linked to one specific Nintendo DS unit, so that it couldn't be played on anyone's elses system aside from your own. It could be possible that the MAC Address or Nintendo Wi-Fi ID could be used for this, but this would also mean the you couldn't player it on a Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP. So, to me it does seem unlikely, but a rumor is a rumor.

The Animal Crossing MMORPG idea does seem to be a very likely rumor however, because Nintendo has dropped hints of it, saying that you would always be connected online and people would be able to visit you while your Wii was off and all sorts of statements like that. So, there really is no reason for me to doubt the Animal Crossing rumor right now.

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