Saturday, September 22, 2007

TGS 2007: Tokyo Game Awards

The Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association (CESA) has just awarded their Tokyo Game Awards as they always do at TGS. Game eligible had to be released between April 1, 2006 and March 31, 2007.

For game of the year Monster Hunter Portable 2nd for the PSP and Wii Sports won for game of the year.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Version won in the category of best selling game. The Global Award for Japanese Origin was won by Dead Rising. And the Global Award for best foreign game was won by Gears of War (remember, it's Japan so Gears of War is foreign to them).

The "Special Award" was given to Idol Master and Oshare Majo Love & Berry. Of course, these games were both very "special".

And probably the most understandable category from the awards was forb excellence, in which the following games won:

Wii Sports (Nintendo, Wii)
Okami (Capcom, PS2)
Gundam Musou (Bandai Namco, PS3)
Zelda Twilight Princess (Nintendo, Wii)
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (Square Enix, DS)
New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, DS)
Blue Dragon (Microsoft, Xbox 360)
Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (Pokemon, DS)
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (Konami, PSP)
Yakuza (Sega, PS2)
Professor Layton (Level 5, DS)
Lost Planet (Capcom, Xbox 360)

The CESA will also be announcing more awards tomorrow, in which they will be announcing their "Future Awards" picking the best of upcoming titles.

If this article, was confusing to you, well, your not the only one. :P

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