Friday, September 21, 2007

New Link's Crossbow Training Details

New details on Link's Crossbow Training have just been announced. Link's Crossbow Training is actually a free Wii game that is packaged with every Wii Zapper (not the other way around as some people have been lead to believe). It has also been revealed that the game, like Twilight Princess, is rated T, features a 4-player turn based multi-player mode, and as previously stated this bundle is only $20.

To me, it's a bit surprising how the game got its T rating so quickly, considering this will make it only the 2nd Zelda game to get a T rating. Or perhaps, it's combat is just that similar to Twilight Princess...

Link's Crossbow Training will be released alongside with the Wii Zapper on the 1-year anniversary of the Nintendo Wii, November 19th.

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