Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shocking Sales in Japan!

Some very surprising stats have just come in from Japan. Apparently, the console wars have all gone pro-Nintendo in Japan! With Nintendo DS Lite and Wii taking up more than 75% of all sales in the land of the rising sun. The closest competitor to Nintendo is actually the PSP, but even that only has 9% of sales.
What's most shocking is that Microsoft's Xbox 360 just barely manages to take up a total of 1% of sales. And no that is not a typo. One Percent.
For those of you who want a complete look at all stats, we typed up the sales of every console below (in percentage of all sales). Keep in mind when you see this that older consoles have more units on shelves than the newer ones do. Sales are listed from greatest to least:

- Nintendo DS Lite: 52.9%
- Nintendo Wii: 22.5%
- PlayStation Portable: 9.8%
- PlayStation 3: 7.5%
- PlayStation 2: 5.7%
- Microsoft Xbox 360: 1.0%

We are going to be discussing these statistics on the next episode of GamersCast, which as I have previously stated, is planned to be recorded this weekend. We will talk about what the stats mean for the future of these gaming companies.

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