Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Apple unveils new iPods

Once again, here I am hoping that Apple will soon unveil gaming potential whenever they release new products. And well, we're already going to be talking about it, on our next podcast episode (set to be recorded this weekend), so why not post about it here first?

Apple had just unveiled their two newest products earlier today. Another re-design of the iPod Nano is one. But the only difference is that it plays video and battery life is a bit over 5 hours. There will be a 4GB and 8GB model and they will be at a starting price of $149. No date has yet been announced, but the chance of this one having a gaming capability is actually fair because it still has the click wheel and well, I'll state the rest of my reasons on the podcast. :P

And the 2nd iPod Apple showed off is the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is generally an iPhone (and looks exactly like it) except that there is no Edge networking, no phone inside (obviously), it only costs $299 (iPhone is $600), and there is an 8GB model and a 16GB model (iPhone has 4GB and 8GB model). No date has yet been announced. Of course, we have discussed how the iPhone may have the potential for gaming before, but is it possible that they were waiting for this iPod before unveiling it? Of course, that's just me trying to get you excited for our next podcast episode again. :P

Apple has also released a video to go along with their announcement of the iPod Touch. You can view it below, unless your reading this on the newsletter, in which case you'd have to go to to see it.

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