Monday, July 09, 2007

PS3 Price Drop!

Sony may be obnoxiously arrogant, but it seems that they finally figured out, making a console cost $600 is insane. So, the 60 gigabyte PS3 will soon only cost a mere $500. Despite the price drop, this still makes the PS3 the most expensive console. The Xbox 360 Elite is costs $480, with a 120 GB HDD, which is twice of that found in the PS3.

But for those you who simply enjoy downloading everything they can find, fear not, for this August, Sony will be releasing an 80GB PS3, bundled with a copy of MotorStorm, all for a mere.... $600!

In Korea, they too have an 80GB PS3 being sold, however it is only $550, though it is not bundled with any games. But keep in mind, that MotorStorm isn't that good of a game. And if they want to bundle something that will help the PS3s case, perhaps bundling Resistance would be a better move?

It has also been confirmed at this time that Japanese PS3s will not see a price drop (they already have the least expensive model), but European Sony officials have said they may say something about it during E3. As always we'll keep you updated!

This is GamersCast: Special E3 Edition

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