Friday, July 06, 2007

GamersCast E3 Coverage!

Well, companies are already releasing what are now being called "pre-E3" trailers to hype E3 2007, so why not start updating the podcast feed. The feed is gonna be even bigger than last year with loads and loads of game videos and daily updates. However, on iTunes you will find that where it once said "GamersCast: Video Game Podcasting" it will now read as "GamersCast: Special E3 Edition" with a new look and logo. So, as trailers become available they will be posted on the podcast feed constantly around clock. I'm telling you right now, that I will be losing sleep over this!

This means that on your iPod "GamersCast: Video Game Podcasting" section won't be updated during E3, but the name will be changing back as soon as E3 is over (perhaps with a new logo). Also, all the trailers posted from E3 will be available at:

Get ready for more gaming news than your brain can handle! This is GamersCast: Special E3 Edition!

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