Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New GC 2007 Details Unveiled

E3 isn't the only gaming event this summer! Some new details about the German Gamers Conference 2007 have just been unveiled. Most notible being a new list of speakers for the event. These speakers are:

Jason Manley, Massive Black (USA)

Christopher Schmitz, 10Tacle Studios (Germany)

Jennifer MacLean, Comcast Interactive Media (USA)

Dr. Michael Wimmer, The University of Vienna (Austria)

Alexander Fernández, Streamline Studios (The Netherlands)

Cindy Armstrong, Webzen (USA)

Amir Taaki, Crystalspace (Finland)

Jeff Strain, ArenaNet (USA)

Vlad Ihora, Telia Sonora (Sweden)

Barbara Lippe, Avaloop IT Solutions (The Netherlands)

Pamela Kato The GamerX (USA)

Uwe Nikl, Level 3 (United Kingdom)

Matt Firor, Ultra Mega Games (USA)

Konstantin Ewald, Osborne Clarke (Germany)

The event will take place on August 20th and end on the 22nd. For more information on the event in Leipzig can head over to the conference's official website at: GCDC.eu

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