Sunday, June 10, 2007

Halo 3 Beta Ends

The Halo 3 beta has sadly come to a close. This means that if you have not played Halo 3 yet you might have to wait 107 more days to play it. So far Halo 3 has the potential to be better than Halo 2. I did make a preview but due to technical dificulties on my behalf, It has not been able to go up on the service. I will redo it and it will be up soon. Well since the beta is down, play the Overlord and Shadowrun demos. I played both of them and they are a lot of fun. Also Halo 3 will be out on September 25 so it will not be long until we can start killing people again.

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Anonymous said...

halo 3 is gunna be the shit but im sure u kno all about that u loser