Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old Rivals come together at last.....

Back in the 1990s, Mario, who was known as the king of platformers was challenged by Sega's blue hedgehog, Sonic. And so throughout the 16-bit console wars the two combat, though it was hard to tell which was better, until Mario took the 1st leap into 64-bit gaming with Super Mario 64. Sonic attempted the feat a few years later on the Dreamcast, not making nearly as much noise. So, in the minds of gamers, Mario was the clear winner. However, this rivalry became legendary.

Just today, Sega and Nintendo had announced a new game where both Sonic and Mario would be present, entitled, "Sonic & Mario at the Olympics" The game has been set for a Christmas Day release in both Japan and Europe, though it's estimated the US release will be in the same time frame. The game will be playable for both the Nintendo DS and the Wii. Though the game is primarily being developed by Sega, Shigeru Miyamoto will also be taking a lead role in the development, and characters from both franchises will be present.
Of course, the question then came up about Sonic being playable in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but both Sega and Nintendo refused to comment.
But hey, maybe this could finally be the game to turn around the slump that the Sonic series has been going through! Only time will tell.

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