Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Xbox 360 Elite Details

Earlier this week, we posted about how Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox 360 Elite, and we got more details. First off, Japan will not be getting the new console (the current 360 is suffering there as it is) and it will be shipped on April 29, 2007. Microsoft has also confirmed that the Elite is not a limited edition model, as previously thought. Also, being contradictory to previous thought, the internal hardware of the console will remain the same, with the exception of an HDMI port in the rear, in addition to the already existing ports. The console is also bundled with:

- A 120GB Hard Drive
- An Ethernet Cable
- A black headset
- A cable to port data from your old 360 to your new one

Despite the new system, Microsoft says that all games will still be made to be optimized the 20GB HDD, so that nobody needs to buy any additional hardware.
Microsoft is also shipping some new Xbox 360 accessories on the launch date, which include:

- A wireless black controller ($50)
- A black Play & Charge Kit ($20)
- A rechargeable battery back ($12)

Though they are now launching this new console, Microsoft said they still feel that their Pro model will continue to sell the best.

Xbox 360 Elite

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