Monday, January 15, 2007

DON'T "hold your wee for Wii"!!

Just recently in California, a radio station decided to hold a contest they entitled, "Hold your wee for Wii". It was your basic water drinking contest, but it was to see who could go the longest without having to urinate. One woman, entered to win a Wii for her 3 children. But she drank so much water that she passed away as a result of it, caused by "water intoxication". It looks like Sony's PlayStation 3 isn't the only system that has killed anymore.

Now, everyone should keep in mind that drinking lots of water isn't a bad thing. What killed her, is the fact that she didn't use the bathroom for so long. Nobody present at the contest currently knows how much water she drank, and all the details of her death has yet to have been released.

UPDATE: It was just revealed that before this contest started (on 107.9 FM) the hosts were joking about somebody dying from it. Then, a few minutes later someone called in onto the show stating that it was possible for the contestants to die from "water intoxication", but the hosts merely replied with:

- "We are aware of that."
- "They signed releases, so we're not responsible. It's OK."

Before the death of Jennifer Strange she said:

- "They keep telling me though that it's the water, that it will tell my head to hurt and then it will make me puke."

Obviously, there were signs of warning before this tragic event occured, so naturally the 10 hosts who were involved in the contest were fired. Many people were calling the local authorities asking for an arrest warrant, though the police replied saying there were no grounds to base the arrest upon.

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Anonymous said...

LOL out of your seat!Knee slappin funny!In a very very sad way!