Sunday, September 10, 2006

Low-Bandwith GamersCast Feed!

We are now making yet another podcast feed on iTunes! This one is for the dial-up users. From now on, the podcasts in which you download from both the normal bandwith and high bandwith feeds will be downloaded as follows:

Normal Bandwith Feed

Audio Files: Either 64kbps or 96kbps (FM Radio Quality - CD Quality)

Video Files: Either 256kbps or 362kbps (audio at 64kbps - stereo)

Low Bandwith Feed

Audio Files: 48 kbps (AM radio Quality)

Video Files: Either 128 kbps or 256kbps (audio at 56kbps - mono)

The Tournament feed will not have a low bandwith version of itself as most of the content covered is also found on the GamersCast Tournament News Feed and making a new low-bandwith version of that podcast would be unnessessary, but for your conveinence I will tell you the bitrate of the tournament podcast:

Audio Files: 48kbps or 64kbps (if music is attached 64kbps will be used, if not 48kbps will be used)

Video Files: 256kbps (audio at 56kbps or 64kbps - stereo)

Nor will a low-bandwith version of the video podcast be made as it is unneeded at this time. In the meta data of the videos shown on the podcast, the source of the video is shown, and can be found on that website, thus downloading the videos is not essential to view them. All videos made by Brett Portelli or myself (Matthew Goldzman), can be found at: as well as on the feed itself. But just so you know....

Video Files: 256kbps (audio at 56kbps or 64kbps - stereo)

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