Thursday, September 07, 2006

GamersCast Tournaments News Feed

To go straight to the GamersCast Tournaments News Feed, click here.

Along with the GamersCast Tournament podcast on iTunes, The GamersCast Tournaments News Feed page will also keep you upto date on all of GamersCast's Tournaments. So, this way, the hearing impaired and those who don't want to bother downloading, can also stay upto date and compete in our tournaments. The page does use the same service as The GamersCast News Feed, so you will still get the same constant updates you have become accustomed to, but this page is using a new BETA by Blogger, so you will notice a few changes. One of which, is tagged posts. Using tagged posts, you will be able to choose the posts that interest you most, and will allow more organized web browsing. For example, if you would only like to see posts relating to the Metroid Prime Hunters Tournament, you will be able to simply click on the Metroid Prime Hunters tag. This will also allow us to arrange sign-ups for multiple tournaments at the same time as others. We soon hope to introduce this feature along with the other new features seen here, to the GamersCast News Feed.

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