Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Twilight Princess Control Scheme!

Just recently, Nintendo has announced that they are now incorporating a new control scheme into the final version of the game. Nintendo says, that upon playing it, it feels much more interesting..... I'm kind of freaked out on what they mean, by "interesting". But anyway, as for the controls, only a few basic movements have changed. The bow and the sword.

The Sword: At E3, to swing Link's sword, you simply press the B button, but now you swing the Wii-mote to have Link swing his sword. What worries me most about this is that at E3 Nintendo made a comment, saying they thought players would get too tired from swinging the Wii-mote like that, and now they just practically contridicted themselves.

The Bow: The bow's controls changed for one reason and one reason only, and that reason is becasue the sword's controls changed! Ironic, eh? Anyway, since B is no longer used to swing the sword, B is now used to shoot arrows. Nintendo says, it's easier to push B than the D-Pad, as was used at E3.

"I can't talk about it yet, but this Zelda has a lot to it," said Miyamoto. "What you played at E3 was just the tip of the nail."

There will be more discussion on this during episode 15 on GamersCast, but the only reason it wasn't recorded yet, is because the Camp Hyrule Closing Ceremonies were delayed, and then while they were going on, is when we were supposed to be recording, and once they ended everyone went to bed, and the next day a lot of them lost their voices, and it was just a whole big mess, but rest assured it will be recorded soon.

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