Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GamersCast Website Under Construction!

Yes, at last! We finally are finishing up the website! We've been looking and looking for ways that the website would best run, and at last we found a way. For days, I have been trying to teach myself new HTML to use with the site, I found new programs, and other website's are helping as well. I would especially like to thank Mr. Stephen Cask and COOLDOGS_1 from the Nintendo NSider Forums for helping as well. The new site should be up soon, and once it is, you will experience the following:

- Faster Browsing and Download Speeds
- No GoDaddy Framed Ads
- Live Chat
- Local Forums
- More Organized Interface
- Quicker GamersCast Downloads
- More frequent GamersCast episodes and features
- New Help & Support Center
- GamersCast Army (you'll find out later....)
- Printable Versions of pages
- Only one logon needed for all GamersCast features
- Easier Site Naviagtion
- WebSite Map
- Less errors and broken links
- And so much More!

You should begin to see these features within the upcoming weeks. A copy of this message will also be posted on the main page for the time being. If you need anything at all, that has to do with our site during the renovation period please send an e-mail to: GamersCast@GamersCastPodCast.com

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