Saturday, February 26, 2011

GamersCast Interview with Serebii

We at GamersCast Podcast are happy to announce the start of our epic coverage of Pokemon Black and White versions releasing in the US in only eight days. We are starting our blowout coverage with an interview with Joe Merrick. I'm sure you probably don't know who he is but if you are a hardcore Pokemon fan, you definitely know his work. He is the founder and webmaster of, the number one Pokemon fansite and online database in the world. I got to talk to him and learn about his opinions on the Pokemon video games, anime and more. He also shares his opinion on Pokemon Black and White and discusses why he thinks its the best Pokemon game ever made. Look forward to listening to that when we release it on March 1 which is three days from now. You will be able to listen to it by going to or by searching "GamersCast: Video Game Podcasting" on iTunes.

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