Saturday, January 01, 2011

Website Down Time + Updates

Some of you may have noticed that website was down for a little while eariler this week. This is due to the fact that was moved to a new server. The new server should provide better performance and such... or at least that's what the email I got from my host told me. So, we're sorry for the inconveinence, but everything should be up and running again as usual now.

Also, I might as well take this time to say, while a much larger redesign for the website is in the works, I am going to be performing some small updates to the current design very shortly (as they "larger redesign" will most likely a long time and I don't like people having to wait).

And so, the "Forums" button on the Nav Bar will soon be replaced with a "Walkthroughs" button. This new walkthrough section will display all of the game walkthroughs that GamersCast has done. So, if you're stuck in a game, you might wanna swing by there and give it a look. That SHOULD be up within the next two week.

Also, Happy New Year everyone! Let's make this one awesome!
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