Friday, December 10, 2010

Editorial: VGA 2010 Predictions

The annual Video Game Awards or VGAs will be live on Spike TV this Saturday. One special thing about the event is that many new games will be revealed for the first time. What will those games be? I'm not too good at predicting stuff but I do have an idea as to what will be revealed this year. Here are my predictions. Again, these in no way reflect what will actually happen. I will have no idea until tomorrow so if you see something you like, don't assume it true so quickly.

1. Gears of War spinoff: Word on the street is that the footage shown for Gears of War is "Not what we're expecting." Not only that but the previews for the VGAs do not say they are showing footage of the upcoming Gears of War 3. They just say Gears of War. This indicates it will be a new Gears title. There have been rumors going around that this new Gears of War title will be for Kinect. I would think this is true.

*Update: Unfortunately, the Gears of War preview for the VGAs has been postponed. While it will not be on the VGAs, it will be revealed at a later date. Maybe it is Gears of War Kinect after all. Maybe this world premiere got delayed since it might have been a live demo but maybe there were some bugs or quality issues.

2. Bioware's game: Bioware is showing off a new game. The image of the teaser reveals two possibilities. It will either be the unveiling of Mass Effect 3 or a new IP. Geoff Keighley, a producer of the VGAs mentioned that one reveal won't even release until 2013. I believe this is that title.

3. A zombie game: One teaser clearly hints at a zombie game. Keighley already leaked out that this game will be a sequel. There are two possibilities for this. One is a new Resident Evil game. It has been rumored that Siant Six studios, the studio behind Socom: Confrontation is working on the game. Not only that but the zombie images have been related to Resident Evil promotional material. The other possibility is Left 4 Dead 3. This would make more sense since Keighley described this as a new take on a franchise. The Left 4 Dead formula is getting stale in my opinion and its easy to see that it could be different. Not only that but on this image there is number reading 1/3. Could this one of three new games for a new Orange Box? The possibilities are endless.

4. Games we already know will show up: The games you can expect to see revealed include Resistance 3, Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and Thor.

There are still mystery games that have not even been hinted at. I'm sure there will be a shocking world premere. Last year, the most shocking in my opinion was the first trailer for Batman Arkham City which nobody expected since the first one just released months prior to the reveal. There also might be some leaks. Green Day: Rock Band was announced at the VGAs last year but that information was leaked about an hour before the show began. Stay tuned for a live blog right here on the GamersCast news feed tomorrow for those who can't watch the VGAs or want a recap of the world premieres as they are watching. I will refresh it with new details as often as I can so stay tuned for that to go live about thirty minutes before the show, so at about 7:30 pm EST.

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