Saturday, May 08, 2010

Get Some Early Laps in with the ModNation Racers PSP Demo

Many gamers who have been awaiting the release of ModNation Racers will get their chance to test drive the portable version of the "play, create, and share” inspired kart racer. A ModNation Racers demo will be arriving for PSP. The demo is packed with content including eight unique Mods and their karts. The two tracks featured in the demo are Lost Temple and Flaming Jumps. Both tracks promise to be full of opportunities to get some big air and the ability to distract your opponents with a variety of weapons.

Of course ModNation Racers would be nothing without the innovative Track Studio which allows players to create their own tracks to race on. Just about every aspect of the track is customizable. The Alpine theme will be the only theme available and the track parts you can use will be limited but it will give you a good idea as to how the Track Studio works and it will whet your creative appetite.

The ModNation Racers demo will release on May 11 in the PSP store which can be accessed ether directly on a PSP or on the Playstation Store on Playstation 3. This is an amazing opportunity to get some early laps in before the release of ModNation Racers on May 25. Remember that this game is also coming to Playstation 3 and it is very similar to the PSP version so console gamers may wanna give the portable version of the game a test drive as there has been no word of a Playstation 3 demo.

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