Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Editorial: E3 Predictions Part 1: Nintendo

Well its my favorite time of year again that is not the Holiday season. E3 is only weeks away and we at GamersCast Podcast can't wait to cover it from the homefront. This is the first of a three part series of editorials on my E3 predictions. These are my personal predictions and do not reflect the opinions of any of the other GamersCast staff.

I decided to go for Nintendo first. Nintendo has not really been pleasing me. I have been left with disappointment for the last two years but hopefully things will change. Nintendo has had an awesome lineup over the last year and I feel 2010 will be Nintendo's year, at least on the portable side of things with the anticipated reveal of Nintendo 3DS.

So what do I think Nintendo will show?

Games that Nintendo will definitely show

Metroid: Other M- The game would have been out within days after Nintendo's press conference but was delayed until the last week of August. Nintendo will definitely show the game off as one of its key titles.

Wii Party- The game debuted recently and this no doubt will be a party game marketed at casual players. Hardcore gamers will more than likely snooze while the game's details are being revealed.

Fire Emblem DS- It was briefly shown at Nintendo's last E3 press conference and is bound to make a return this time around.

The Legend of Zelda Wii- Nintendo has not kept this game a secret at all. So far, one piece of concept art has been released and the game will require Wii MotionPlus to play. Nintendo has hinted that they will show off this game and I believe they will finally do so. Zelda will definitely be at E3 in some form whether its a trailer or an actual demo. Hopefully this one will receive quite the fanfare like Twilight Princess did at E3 2004

Games Nintendo may show

Pokemon Black and White Versions- Usually new Pokemon games are not shown since E3 is an American convention but hopefully Nintendo will talk a little bit about the next generation of Pokemon.

Games Nintendo will probably not show

Pikmin 3: There have been hints of a new Pikmin game for a while but there really has been no confirmation as to whether the game exists. The Wii would work perfectly for Pikmin and there is still plenty of room for innovation in the franchise but I don't know if Nintendo has taken the opportunity to create a new Pikmin game.

Two pieces of hardware will be shown at Nintendo's press conference. The first of these pieces of hardware is the Wii Vitality Sensor. It debuted at last year's E3 but it has never been demoed. Nintendo promised they will show software that will work for it. Although its functions are still a mystery, I still cannot see how having my heartbeat monitored can effect my experience playing a game. Nintendo will surely surprise me.

The next piece of hardware Nintendo will unveil is their next big platform, Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has already confirmed that it will be the successor to Nintendo DS and will be backwards compatible with all DS titles. The screens will be able to produce 3D effects without the use of special glasses. It is rumored that Sharp will be supplying their new a-stereoscopic screens meant for cell phones for this device. Those screens are able to produce a 3D effect without glasses and the screen can be a resistive touch screen, the same type of touch screen the current DS uses now.

I am sure the system will be wonderful but I think it will have a few more amazing features. I believe that 3DS Ware games will be downloadable at launch and that Nintendo will somehow make Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and buying games on the system a bigger part of the 3DS experience. I also believe the system could have an accelerometer for tilting. I am also pretty sure the system will be almost as powerful as a Nintendo GameCube. I think that 3D photos could also be a big feature. That would mean there would have to be four cameras (two on each side of the system) to capture the two perspectives required for 3D.

Following the trends of every other Nintendo system, Nintendo 3DS will most likely be under $200 and I believe it will release this Fall. Hopefully it comes with a game like the Wii comes with Wii Sports and the first shipment of DS was bundled with Metroid Prime: Hunters First Hunt. I'm sure Nintendo will provide Nintendo Points to the first paying consumers. I think 3D is the way of the future for games but Nintendo will have to be one of the main driving forces at this year's E3.

I think Nintendo will be successful this year at making all their consumers happy. The wait until the middle of June will be long but I am sure it will be well worth the wait.

Look for parts two and three coming soon where I will predict what Sony and Microsoft have to offer.

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