Friday, January 01, 2010

Nintendo Radio is now GamersCast

GamersCast would like to wish everyone of our listeners a happy and healthy new year. Now, with a new year marks a new beginning and change, thus is the purpose of my announcement here today.

A few of you may remember a young man by the name of Jonathon Salvante who co-hosted of GamersCast: Our Bastard Child from Well, he and a Mr. Ryan Church both ran their site together. Ryan, the founder of the website however, was unable to continue running the site, leaving Nintendo Radio solely to Jon (known to their viewers as Deo Gen Z).

After talking this over with Jon, we decided it would be in both of our sites' best interest to form a merger of sorts.

Nintendo Radio is now GamersCast.

What does this mean for our sites? It means with the staff of two websites combined, we'll be able to deliver even more content faster than ever thought possible before! By combining our strengths and resources, we will become a much better source for YOU on all of the latest in video game news!

You will soon be noticing some changes in the site (all positive, don't worry) reflecting the merger, and be sure to be on the lookout for the next episode of GamersCast, which we will be recording soon. It's our Best Games of 2009 special!

1 comment:

Ryan church said...

Glad you can get some use out of my old domain name. Hopefully my listeners decide to move over to your site and keep supporting small companies.

-Ryan Church